Dubrovnik – the Pearl of the Adriatic Sea

The combination of an ancient and picturesque European city and a mesmerizing turquoise sea, with beautiful beaches and a variety of water sports; and of course a luxurious 5-star hotel with kosher gourmet meals – is the ultimate combination for a wonderful family vacation – on the coming Pesach.

An ancient city with a vibrant tourism
Red roofs lay comfortably on old stone houses. Charming narrow alleys pass through the picturesque buildings. Between the alleys, a local pub or restaurant is occasionally glimpsed. Boutique and designers shops dot the alleys; all accompanied by a modern luxury atmosphere wrapped in the most beautiful city in Croatia, built in the 13th century; And since then has been justifiably named: Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adriatic Sea.

A tour of the old city will lead you to the massive city wall; which partly touches the spectacular sea that shatters at its feet. From here you can also see the small, rocky islands that dot the turquoise sea. In the continuation of your tour of the old city of Dubrovnik, you can also enter the two magnificent palaces of the town, which was once an independent and wealthy republic – and this is evident by the splendor of the palaces: Sponza and the Rector’s palace. And of course, no European city is complete without the beautiful fountains decorating its squares.

The Jews of Dubrovnik and the ancient synagogue
There were Jews in Dubrovnik since the 13th century, and they have suffered hardships, persecutions, and blood libels throughout the years until the Holocaust. Nevertheless, a synagogue was built in the Jewish ghetto in 1352 but was officially recognized as a synagogue by the authorities only in 1548. The few Jews of Dubrovnik who remained after the Holocaust kept the synagogue intact. Today, you can visit the synagogue, and also enter its museum, which displays items and documents that allow a glimpse into the life of the Jewish community of the time.

A spectacular sea and a Spa & Wellness hotel with kashrut at the highest level
Rixos Hotel is a five-star Spa & Wellness hotel. It offers a vast and pampering spa area with a wide range of treatments, a Turkish bath, sauna and Jacuzzi, and pools overlooking the Adriatic Sea dotted with islands and coves. Additionally, there are gyms and various activities for adults and children, and marine sports; comfortable and relaxing for the whole family, or adventures for those who dare.

And another bonus from Tour Plus during the Passover holiday at the Rixos Hotel – is Glatt Kosher Mehadrin Non-Gebrokt – under the supervision of Rabbi Nehemiah Rotenberg. In fact, Tour-Plus was the first in Croatia to operate the Glatt Hotel on Passover (since 2013); So that our team of supervisors comes full of knowledge and experience, and prepares the hotel’s elegant kitchen and dining room carefully and thoroughly. So you can relax about kashrut, and perfectly enjoy the quality.

Join us for a family holiday with all the Pluses in Dubrovnik – the pearl of the Adriatic.